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Australia is not only renowned for its stunning landscapes and bustling cities but also boasts one of the globe’s most robust economies. Consequently, it’s a favored destination for individuals from abroad seeking employment opportunities.

Is it possible for foreigners to work in Australia? Absolutely, although securing employment may not always be a swift or straightforward process, it is certainly achievable.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide detailed information on how to secure employment in Australia as a foreign national, alongside answers to frequently asked questions regarding job prospects in the country.

Is it Easy to Get a Job in Australia?

Australian job market is very competitive. Not all jobs and skills are in equal demand, especially for foreigners. As a foreigner, the most in demand sectors are hospitality, construction, and education. But worry not, it doesn’t mean you won’t find a job in other sectors.


Generally, there are a few tips which will ease your job hunting process in Australia:

  • Don’t try to make a career change. It will be so much easier to find a job you already have plenty of experience with. It’s important to look for industries that align with what you’ve been doing in the past.
  • Look for a job that is high in demand. Have a look at the Skilled Occupation list. These include jobs in healthcare, education, or construction.
  • Get your visa well in advance. Recruiters in Australia are very hesitant to hire people who do not have visas already. The so called “right to work”. There are different types of visas you can get, which we’ll discuss more in depth in a separate section.
  • Don’t get a job “just because”. Since your visa is tied to your job, you can’t leave that job. So, make sure you do your research before you accept the place. Because if you end up hating it, you’ll have a problem.
  • Research online job portals. As you should in 2021! We have a separate section on Australian job search engines with links.
  • Speak the language well. For the majority of jobs this is a tight requirement, for which you will also need a physical proof in the form of a language proficiency certificate.

How to Apply for a Job in Australia?

There are certain steps you should do before you apply for a job in Australia as an expat.

  1. Visa. Above all, you’ll need to decide on the right kind of visa for you. To clarify, there are many different work-related visas. Without having one you can’t really start applying. More details are in a separate section below “Work visa in Australia”.
  2. Resume/cover letter. Make sure you have your resume and cover letter ready and tailored. Don’t recycle the same ones you used for job hunting at your home country. More details are in a separate section below “Resume and cover letter tips”.
  3. TFN/ABN. Before you start working, you need to obtain a Tax File Number (TFN), which is similar to your social security number. If you’re self-employed, you’ll need an Australian Business Number (ABN). Both can be requested online.
  4. Australian Bank account. You need to meet this requirement before you start working. It can be set up online even before you come to Australia.
  5. Job search engines. Once you have completed all of the aforementioned, visit online job search engines specific to Australia. More details are in a separate section below “Australian job search engines”.
  6. Apply in person. This mostly applies for jobs which don’t require specific skills. You can just drop-in and try your luck.

Work visa in Australia

Australia offers more than 20 distinct work visa categories, making the task of selecting the ideal one for your specific needs seem overwhelming due to the abundance of choices. Yet, there’s no reason for concern. The wide array of options ensures that there’s likely a visa perfectly suited to your situation.

Below, we highlight several visa types designed to accommodate a diverse range of circumstances.

Types of work visas in Australia:

Student visa. This visa allows you to work for up to 40 hours per fortnite (a.k.a. 20 hours per week) if you are enrolled in a course of study in Australia.
Benefits: Easiest visa to get, suitable for students older than 6, you can bring a family member
Requirements: Providing a Confirmation of Enrollemnt (CoE). Other requirements.

Graduate visa. This visa is for international students who have recently graduated with skills and qualifications that are relevant to specific occupations Australia needs. It lets you live, study and work in Australia temporarily.
Benefits: It allows you to work full time for at least 18 months. You can bring your family with you.
Requirements: Be under 50 years of age. You must have held a student visa in the last 6 months.

Skilled visa. The Skilled visa is a type of visa offered by Australia for skilled workers and whose professions are within the most demanded by it. There are many different types of skilled visas.
Benefits: It can be permanent, but it is quite hard to get this visa. Higher salary.
Requirements: There are many different types of skilled visas, but generally:

  • under 45 years
  • have the right skills to do the job
  • meet the relevant English language requirements

Work & holiday visa. This visa lets people 18 to 30 years old (inclusive) have an extended holiday in Australia and work here to help fund their trip. (Be careful, subclass 417 is not open for Americans)
Benefits: Online application. Stay in Australia for up to 12 months. Leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you like in that 12 months
Requirements: Must be 18 to 30 years old (inclusive). Must have a passport from an eligible country. Cannot be accompanied by dependent children.

Australian Job Search Engines

To help you with your job search process we have compiled a list of the best Australian job search engines (or job boards). So, if you ask how to find a job in Australia as a foreigner ― this is how!

  1. Seek. Australia’s largest employment marketplace. So, make sure to create a seek profile and browse the site’s large database.
  2. Australian Government Job Search. It’s the second leading resource for job seekers in Australia.
  3. Adzuna. Bringing every job into one place so you can find yours. Includes features such as find local salary and hiring trends.
  4. CareerOne. Upload your CV to create a profile in seconds and find jobs based on your skills, experience and desired job criteria.
  5. Indeed. Australian page of the online portal which lets you upload your resume and search by city and job title.

Volunteering Jobs in Australia for Immigrant

Volunteering can definitely help your career. You’ll acquire soft and hard skills which inevitably boost your employability. It’s a great for you to really stand out among other candidates. There are so many volunteer opportunities in Australia that it’s not difficult to find the right job for you and your circumstances.

“Our experience is that volunteering really is a career selling point.” says head of SEEK Volunteer, Rebecca Miller.

Check out some of these volunteering search engines for volunteer jobs in Australia for foreigners:

  • SeekVolunteer.
  • Volunteering SA&NT.
  • GoVolunteer.

Alright, you’ve made the bold choice to take your chances and relocate to Australia. The following step involves determining your preferred destination within this vast and varied nation, rich in opportunities.

Let’s explore four of the top cities for employment opportunities in Australia:

  • Sydney. Apart from being Australia’s centre of economic interest, Sydney is also by far the the largest and most populated city. It’s the home to many multinational companies, which makes it very friendly and welcoming to foreigners searching for a job.
  • Brisbane. The capital city of Queensland’s job market is growing at more than twice the rate of population growth and now accounts for 47 percent of Queensland’s total jobs growth.
  • Melbourne. Housing the headquarters of many of Australia’s largest corporations, including five of the ten largest in the country, Melbourne is definitely an important financial centre.
  • Perth. The relative isolation of the the only major city on the West Coast, its economic base and population size have created development opportunities for many businesses oriented towards local or more diversified markets. It has also become a hub of technology focused startups which provide a pool of highly skilled jobs.

American Companies Hiring in Australia

Can Americans work in Australia? Of course they can, there’s a big pool of jobs in Australia for Americans. Have a look at some of the American companies hiring Down Under to find a job in Australia in many different sectors, such as Business & Finance, Hospitality, Information Technology, and Customer Service.

  • American Express. This multinational financial services corporation offers positions such as Financial Analyst, Customer Care Professional or Sales Specialist.
  • FMS. With offices across Australia & New Zealand, First Mortgage Services Pty Limited and First American Title Insurance form part of the First American Financial Corporation.
  • Bank of America. Provides a full suite of financial products and services, from banking and investments to asset and risk management. They offer job positions in the field of financial and statistical analyses.
  • TGIFridays. TGI Fridays currently has 14 locations across Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales offering jobs in hospitality sector.
  • Starbucks. No need to say much about this big and popular company, just know that if you’re a fan of coffee, you could always opt to work at Starbucks in Australia.

Salaries in Australia

So, how much money does a person working in Australia make? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. Firstly, it depends on the career field, since some are better assessed than others.

Secondly, the more years of experience you have, the higher your salary. Lastly, it also depends on your level of education ― higher means more.

  • Salary range in Australia. Salaries vary from 23,000 AUD per year (minimum salary) to 405,000 AUD per year. However, it’s the maximum average salary, so your actual salary can be even higher.
  • Average salary. Typically, a person working in Australia earns around 90,800 AUD per year.
  • Quartiles. The median salary in Australia is 89,000 AUD per year, which means that 50% of people in Australia lie in the first and second quartile and thus, make less money. Meanwhile, 50% of people have a higher salary than 89,000 AUD.

Highest Paying Careers in Australia

Change in salary very much depends on the career field as well. Displayed here are the top 5 highest paying careers in Australia with the average annual salary, according to SalaryExplorer.

  1. Surgeons and doctors. Earning on average 338,000 AUD per year.
  2. Judges. With an average annual salary of  284,000 AUD.
  3. Lawyers. Unsurprisingly, lawyers earn on average 230,000 AUD annually.
  4. Bank Managers. With an average annual salary of  216,000 AUD.
  5. Chief Executive Officers. Earning on average 203,000 AUD per year.

Navigating the job market in Australia as an immigrant presents an enriching path filled with chances for both personal and professional advancement. Despite the hurdles you might encounter, adopting an appropriate strategy, maintaining perseverance, and leveraging support can pave the way for your successful integration into Australia’s diverse and prosperous workforce.

Dedicating time to understand your sector, customizing your CV, and cultivating a professional network are crucial steps. If necessary, don’t hesitate to seek advice from specialists, and brace yourself for a job hunting process that may differ from what you’re accustomed to in your home country. With resilience and a strategic approach, you can embark on a fulfilling career journey in Australia, moving closer to achieving your aspirations in this remarkable nation.


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